2015-2016 Theordology Workshops

Fall 2015

► October 15:  Network-biased Technical Change: Evidence from Enterprise Social Media Adoption
Lynn Wu, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Operations and Information Management Department

► November 12:  Ethnic Networks: Measuring the Relationship between Ethnic Diversity, Social Networks, and Information Flows in the Field
Jennifer M. Larson, New York University, Politics Department

► December 10:  Evolutionary Games on Dynamical Networks
Corina Tarnita, Princeton University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Spring 2016

► March 24: The Lasting Impact of Fleeting Experience: Toward a Sociology of Small Events
Alice Goffman, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sociology

► April 14:  Bayesian Poisson Tensor Decomposition for International Relations
Hanna Wallach, Microsoft Research in NYC.

► May 5:  Measuring Inequality and Segregation
Liz RobertoPrinceton University, Sociology