2014-2015 Theorodology Workshops

Fall 2014

► October 2:  Prospective Models of Social Mobility and Reproduction
Matthew LawrencePrinceton University, Sociology

► November 6:  Graduate students presenting their work in progress. 
Han Zhang, Princeton University, Sociology
Talk title: Witnessing Political Protest on Civic Engagement and Political Attitude:  A Natural Experiment

Jonathan Tannen, Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School
Talk title:  Do Neighborhoods Change by Moving Boundaries?

Dennis Feehan, Princeton University, Demography
Talk title: Generalizing Sample Surveys Using Network Reporting Methods

► December 4:  
Elizabeth Roberto, Yale University, Sociology
Talk title:  Spatial Boundaries and the Local Context of Residential Segregation

Spring 2015

► February 5: Big Data's Desparate Disparate Impact
Solon Barocas, Princeton University, The Center for Information Technology Policy

► March 5:  The Structure of Causal Chains 
Neil Gross, Princeton University, Sociology

► April 2:  A trio of graduate students:
Nicole Pangborn, Princeton University, Sociology
Big Data and Broken Windows: Evidence from 3-1-1 Calls in New York City

Jason Windawi, Princeton University, Sociology
Complexity, Governance and Institutional Fragility: Public Sector Pensions in the Age of Financialization

Ayesha Mahmud, Princeton  University, Sociology
Time-series SIR and the Age Structured Dynamics of Measles