2013-2014 Theorodology Workshops

Fall 2013

 September 12:  Estimating the effects of covaritates on long-term cohort mortality using cross-sectional data: methodology and applications
Scott Lynch, Princeton University, Sociology

 October 10:  The impact of social and geograhic context on well-being throughout the life course (and how to study it)
Blair Wheaton, University of Toronto (visiting Princeton University, Sociology)

 November 14:  In search of the actor: theoretical and methodological Implications from case studies of Georgia lynchings and Italian fascism
Roberto Franzosi, Emory University (visiting, Columbia University, Sociology)

 December 5:  Postponed until March 13th

Spring 2014

 February 13:  Comparative historical analysis as subject and object
Kim Lane Scheppele, Princeton University, Sociology

 February 27:  Adapting flocking and schooling-observations technologies to produce continuous network data in real time from videos of interaction in human groups
Naomi Leonard, Princeton University, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

 March 27:  Comparative historical analysis as subject and object
Kim Lane Scheppele, Princeton University, Sociology

 April 10:  Large-scale Text-analytic Methods to Study Changing Modes of Legitimation
Uriel Abulof, Assistant Professor of Politics at Tel-Aviv University and Senior Research Fellow at Princeton’s Lichtenstein Institute and the Woodrow Wilson School

 May 8:  Experimental comparative network study of interpersonal aggression of 60 New Jersey high schools
Hana Shepherd, Rutgers University, Sociology and Betsy Paluck, Princeton University, WWS and Psychology