Theorodology Workshops

The Theorodology Workshop came out of a conversation among faculty who noted that, in their own scientific work, theoretical problems often required methodological solutions and apparent methodological problems often engaged fundamental issues of theory.   Out of that conversation came the idea of an ongoing workshop that would provide an opportunity for regular participants to share their own research ideas, from half-baked to written up, and to hear talks by scholars in a wide range of disciplines -- chemistry, computer science, evolutionary biology, philosophy, and political science, as well as sociology -- doing cutting-edge methodological work with the potential for helping social scientists surmount theoretical challenges (or in some cases, vice versa).  

The workshop meets over pizza and beer from 6-8 p.m. each month in 165 Wallace Hall on irregular Thursdays.  Participation is open to faculty, postdocs and graduate students from any Princeton Department who are willing to commit to regular attendance throughout the year.   If you are interested, please contact Jean Butcher at [email protected].

2018 Meeting Dates